All About Those Rugs

Rugs. We all want them and need them in our houses, but can never quite find the perfect ones. And by perfect ones, I means ones that we love but don't cost us our first born children. Rugs can get EXPENSIVE. Especially nice, quality ones. I've put together a roundup of some of my favorite neutral rugs that won't break the bank!

This rug is probably the most popular rug on the internet and social media right now. I have seen it in almost every Instagram account I follow. There's a reason it's so popular though; it's the perfect blend of gray and ivory, and the design is just enough to be different but not too overwhelming. Also, this rug isn't too plush, but enough to where it isn't just like a mat on the ground. Also, in the photos this rug looks pretty light, but the white in it is more of a tan-ish/ivory color, which is great if you have messy kiddos, like me! The best part about this rug, though? You can buy an 8x10 size for about $200! That's a steal of a deal if you ask me. 

Here is the link to it: Olga Gray Area Rug

P. S. If you're looking for something darker, here is the same rug but in a darker gray color: Dark Gray Area Rug

I love this rug, because it has fun geometric shapes, but the colors are still neutral enough that you can put it anywhere. I would probably put this rug under a dining table or as a bedroom accent rug. The 8x10 size is a little pricey, but the 5x7 and 4x6 sizes are definitely more reasonable! 

Check it out here: Madero Hand-Tufted Charcoal/Ivory Area Rug

If you are looking for a white rug, this is it. The color is so pretty and it has just the right amount of pattern in it to be fun and unique. I would put this in my house in a heartbeat if I didn't have children. The reviews are excellent and the 8x10 size is only $240 and the 5x7 is $130! 

P.S. Rugs USA always has sales going on, so I bet you could score this for even less!

Here is the link: Snowpeak Double Diamond Lattice Shag Rug

Here another rug that is just as pretty: Apex Moroccan High-Low Texture Striped Rug

This is another Bohemian style that I just love! I think this pattern adds so much character to a room, and I bet it can also cover up a lot of crumbs and things! The material seems thin, but I think a rug pad would help to add some needed softness if you have hardwood or tile in your space. Because this rug is thinner, I think it would look great in a bedroom!

Find it here: Old Town Hand Woven Gray Area Rug

If you're looking for a simple, solid gray rug, this one is beautiful! I love the cozy knit look, and gray is a staple color for rugs. The only thing I would worry about with this one is children and pets pulling the weaves out.  I think I would put this rug under a bed to soften a room and make it look cozier.

Get it here: Touchstone Woolen Cable Hand-Woven Gray Area Rug

For those of you looking for something with a little more color, this is it. I absolutely love the colors and designs in this rug. It's just the right mix of modern and boho, and works as a perfect accent if you have a lot of gray or brown furniture. The 8x10 in this is a little expensive, but the 5x8 and the 2x7 are totally reasonable! I think this rug would be so awesome as a runner!

Check out this beauty here: Colca Wool Rug

This gray rug is perfect if you're looking for something that is not too light! With small kiddos, these are the kinds of rugs I gravitate towards because white or off-white ones would last all of 2.3 seconds. This is another one that is priced pretty decently, especially for such a large size! 

Here is the link for this one: Rundell Gray Area Rug

If you're looking for something a little darker, I would recommend this charcoal rug. It's a dark gray instead of a black, so you won't be able to see as much white lint on it and other things. The design on this rug is also fun!

Check it out here: Laflin Charcoal Rug

This is another tribal print rug, that has the prettiest neutrals, that can complement really any couch! The 5x7 is on sale, and it looks like it's already running out of stock, so hurry and get it if you like it! 

Link here: Zita Beige Area Rug

And last but not least, I love gray rug because of its classy simplicity and soft color. It can sometimes be kind of hard to find that perfect light gray rug, and I think this one looks like the perfect soft gray, without being too cold. 

You can find it here: Nico Classic Gray Solid Area Rug

That's it for my rug roundup! I hope you enjoyed looking at some of these, especially if you are on the hunt for that perfect rug! 

Let me know if there is anything else you guys would love to see me post about, or if there is something in particular that you are interested in! Thanks!

Every Little Detail

Personally, I think what really makes a house a home are the attentive and considerate details that create a warm and welcoming space. You can have a fancy couch, a unique coffee table, and a beautifully crafted dining table, but nothing completes a home like the pretty accessories and carefully thought out details. I'm talking about those beautiful throw pillows you notice when you walk into your friend's house, or that stunning plant in the corner, or all of the pretty little knick-knacks on shelves that surely catch your eye. These are the things that attract us to a particular house, and these are the things that make beautiful furniture look even more beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite accessories to stage with at the moment, and where they are from if you need a little inspiration!


The desk and the chair in the photo above are great pieces, but doesn't that cute little lemon tree make the whole space come together? When I saw that plant at Home Goods, I knew it was a keeper. Although, now I kind of wish I would have grabbed the other one that I saw too! The Aztec print pillow and throw are from Target, and so is the desk lamp and rug. Without these accessories, the room would look incomplete, or cold. The warmth of these details makes spaces feel cozy and welcome.


Aren't cute, fake potted plants the real MVP's of home decor and styling though? I feel like stores have really upped their fake plant game recently, because I've been so impressed with what I have been finding! I found most of my fake plants at Home Goods/Marshall's at such an affordable price! Top Shelf from left to right: candlesticks from World Market, plant from Marshall's, spiky plant from Hobby Lobby, turquoise vase from Hobby Lobby, tall white vase from Hobby Lobby, greenery in vases from Target dollar spot. Bottom Shelf from left to right: fake snake plant from Marshall's, white potted plant from IKEA, pink vase from Hobby Lobby. All of the books are from thrift stores. 


Modern plant stands are such a brilliant way to fill up a random empty space in a corner. Plants look good just about anywhere, and a plant in a gorgeous plant stand is even better. The plant stand was made by my husband, and he actually has a DIY tutorial for it over on his blog at I was also really impressed with the rug selection at Marshall's/Home Goods. They have a lot of bohemian style rugs in the prettiest colors! And of course, at a price that won't make you want to faint.


Another easy tip for finding pots for living plants: use baskets! They are much cheaper then ceramic pots and look just as good! I bought that white and gray one from Target for like $7 I think! Basically almost every accessory you see on these shelves is either from Target, Home Goods, Marshall's, Hobby Lobby, or Ikea. I usually try to wait for a sale at these stores to score some sweet trinkets, because if you buy them all at once it can get pretty spendy!


Now let's talk throw pillows. First of all, why is one stinkin' throw pillow $20-$35? I can't wrap my head around it, because it seems crazy. But we still buy them! I feel like the good ones very rarely go on sale, and I've never found any worthwhile ones at thrift stores or consignment shops. So basically I had to just suck it up and purchase some throw pillows as an investment. I've found some pretty ones at Target, World Market, Marshall's, and Home Goods. That pretty emerald one is from World Market and it is one of my favorites! The gray throw blanket is from Target and its also a perfect accessory for a bed.



I'm always looking for new places I can score some pretty little details, so if you have any suggestions or know of any must have items, let me know! I'd love to hear them!