The Easy Way To Decorate Your Office Shelves

Let's be honest, these shelves are totally and utterly decorative. We had this giant wall above the floating desk that I wanted to fill in, so naturally I made my husband build floating shelves above it, because shelves are MY LOVE LANGUAGE. I think these shelves add so much character to the space, and you can make them as functional or decorative as you want! Keep reading to see how I started and ending styling these shelves!

P.S. We have gotten new office chairs since these photos were taken. Bar stools definitely do not make comfortable office chairs, we just used them for the pictures.

 Also, if you want a tutorial of how to make either the floating desk or the floating shelves, go HERE to Mr. Buildit's website and search "floating desk" or "JUMBO floating shelves".

First, I added a calendar to fill in the space on the other side of the desktop. Since we only have one desktop computer and one laptop, the other side of the desk needed something to balance everything out. If you have the same issue, get a giant calendar to fill in the space! They are inexpensive, functional, and totally cute! You can purchase a similar ones to mine BELOW:

Simple Desktop Calendar

Cursive Desktop Calendar

Wood Hanging Calendar

Dry Erase Calendar

Next I sporadically added decorative pieces throughout the shelves. I like to do this so the shelves don't start out looking too cluttered. I like to add smaller art frames, books with a decorative pieces on top, and of course plants and greenery. Just a little PSA: I find books at thrift stores that have really pretty colors underneath the covers and buy in bulk! They make beautiful decorative pieces and you don't have to break the bank to buy books that you use only as decor! I also added a little wooden calendar to the desk space that I found at Home Goods. You can never have too many calendars, right? You can purchase a similar small desk calendar HERE and HERE.

Next, I added more books, and some vases to the shelves and desk. Tall vases will get you everywhere. They fill in large gaps so well and there are SO many gorgeous vases out there, from Thrift Stores, to Target, to Home Goods, to World Market, to many other retailers! I find most of mine at Home Goods and Target because the prices are usually pretty affordable.

After I spread out a few decorative pieces on each shelf, I then like to go one shelf at a time and add fillers. This can be more books, plants, clocks, and random trinkets & decorative sculptures. I usually don't style one shelf at a time right away because I feel I usually have a harder time making the shelves look like a cohesive unit. If you spread out a couple of larger decor items throughout all of the shelves first, it's easier to go through and add the smaller items and finishing touches. I also like doing it this way to create rhythm and variety to the sizes of objects on the shelves. You don't want all of the decor to be the same height on the shelves.

Make sure everything looks balanced and even on the shelves. You don't want two large vases next to each other, or books in the exact same spot on two different shelves, or a couple of same sized plants next to one another. You want to create movement so that everything flows well together. 

Lastly, add the finishing touches to the shelves to make them look PERFECT. These are usually items like candles, miniature plants, and other smaller-scale items that create that finished look. Now, stand back and enjoy your perfectly styled shelves!

Like everyone else, I have a lot of go to decorative pieces when it comes to styling shelves. Here are some of my favorite items that I love to style with!

Click on the image to directly shop the item!



Every Little Detail

Personally, I think what really makes a house a home are the attentive and considerate details that create a warm and welcoming space. You can have a fancy couch, a unique coffee table, and a beautifully crafted dining table, but nothing completes a home like the pretty accessories and carefully thought out details. I'm talking about those beautiful throw pillows you notice when you walk into your friend's house, or that stunning plant in the corner, or all of the pretty little knick-knacks on shelves that surely catch your eye. These are the things that attract us to a particular house, and these are the things that make beautiful furniture look even more beautiful. Here are a few of my favorite accessories to stage with at the moment, and where they are from if you need a little inspiration!


The desk and the chair in the photo above are great pieces, but doesn't that cute little lemon tree make the whole space come together? When I saw that plant at Home Goods, I knew it was a keeper. Although, now I kind of wish I would have grabbed the other one that I saw too! The Aztec print pillow and throw are from Target, and so is the desk lamp and rug. Without these accessories, the room would look incomplete, or cold. The warmth of these details makes spaces feel cozy and welcome.


Aren't cute, fake potted plants the real MVP's of home decor and styling though? I feel like stores have really upped their fake plant game recently, because I've been so impressed with what I have been finding! I found most of my fake plants at Home Goods/Marshall's at such an affordable price! Top Shelf from left to right: candlesticks from World Market, plant from Marshall's, spiky plant from Hobby Lobby, turquoise vase from Hobby Lobby, tall white vase from Hobby Lobby, greenery in vases from Target dollar spot. Bottom Shelf from left to right: fake snake plant from Marshall's, white potted plant from IKEA, pink vase from Hobby Lobby. All of the books are from thrift stores. 


Modern plant stands are such a brilliant way to fill up a random empty space in a corner. Plants look good just about anywhere, and a plant in a gorgeous plant stand is even better. The plant stand was made by my husband, and he actually has a DIY tutorial for it over on his blog at I was also really impressed with the rug selection at Marshall's/Home Goods. They have a lot of bohemian style rugs in the prettiest colors! And of course, at a price that won't make you want to faint.


Another easy tip for finding pots for living plants: use baskets! They are much cheaper then ceramic pots and look just as good! I bought that white and gray one from Target for like $7 I think! Basically almost every accessory you see on these shelves is either from Target, Home Goods, Marshall's, Hobby Lobby, or Ikea. I usually try to wait for a sale at these stores to score some sweet trinkets, because if you buy them all at once it can get pretty spendy!


Now let's talk throw pillows. First of all, why is one stinkin' throw pillow $20-$35? I can't wrap my head around it, because it seems crazy. But we still buy them! I feel like the good ones very rarely go on sale, and I've never found any worthwhile ones at thrift stores or consignment shops. So basically I had to just suck it up and purchase some throw pillows as an investment. I've found some pretty ones at Target, World Market, Marshall's, and Home Goods. That pretty emerald one is from World Market and it is one of my favorites! The gray throw blanket is from Target and its also a perfect accessory for a bed.



I'm always looking for new places I can score some pretty little details, so if you have any suggestions or know of any must have items, let me know! I'd love to hear them!