Greetabl: The Awesome New Way to Send Greeting Cards

As an Interior Designer and Home Stager, I love sending my clients personalized thank you cards gifts them to enjoy after I've wrapped up a project. I've sent cards and cookies, but couldn't come up with anything that totally unique, but also quick and easy to send.

Then I found out about Greetabl. This website creates not only personalized greetings, but also a personalized gift. You choose everything from the print on the box, the message, the personalized photos inside, and the gift included. With so many options, this is such a great go-to gift for clients, and really anyone else in your life!

The Greetabl came in a packaged box, with the sweetest note inside. I loved seeing this note the second I opened the box.

I also loved being able to pick the pattern of the Greetabl greeting box! There are SO many fun designs and patterns to choose from; you will not be disappointed! I actually had a hard time choosing just one, because I liked so many of them.

The box even has instructions on how to open it the right way! Once you peel the sides, it opens so perfectly to reveal the gift inside.

Not only do you get to write your own personanlized message inside, but you also get to choose 3 images to include in the box! You can either upload your own images from Instagram or your computer, or Greetabl has some pre-loaded images and quotes you can use right from their site. It honestly doesn't get easier than that! I chose some fun inspirational quotes for my client. 

I absolutely love the gifts you can choose from on the Greetabl site. There is everything from candy, to jewelry, to socks, to candles! With such a variety of gift options, you can choose from something from a small thank you treat, to a birthday surprise for a loved one. I chose a candle, and it smells so delicious!

If you want to create your own Greetabl, I have a special treat for you! Simply go to and use the promo code: MINTANDPINE for 15% off your purchase! I know I'll be buying more of these for my clients!

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