HomLuv.com: Building Your Home Made Easier

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As an interior designer and current home owner, my dream is to someday build a house.  With that in mind, I am always looking for inspiration. The home building process can be so exciting, but can also be overwhelming and confusing as well, especially if you don't know exactly what you want. The problem with most inspiration sites is that they usually don't represent a single, cohesive home that actually exists in real life. These inspirations photos might be of a farmhouse style kitchen in Texas, a mid-century modern living room in California, and a coastal bathroom in Connecticut. These images are usually also not representative of realistic homes on a budget either.  HomLuv.com is a new website that just launched June 14th, that allows homebuyers to be at the center of the experience. You can browse inspiring and realistic photos of new homes, rooms, and exteriors all in one site. It's a place to keep all of your ideas in one place and collaborate with your co-buyer, regardless of design style preferences. 

The process starts with location. This means HomLuv won't show you beachfront homes if you live in Idaho. It also pulls up photos from builders in your area. You can set your preferences to be as broad or specific as you want. As a home buyer, you can choose what you love in a home and HomLuv will help you articulate your design style and preferences, making it easy to find a builder who will actually build you a  perfect home.

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a house a home. We host quite a lot in our home, so I love an open kitchen/living room floor concept that is perfect for entertaining. Whether your idea of a perfect home is an open floor plan, a space with a lot of natural light, a fireplace in your living room, or an outdoor patio oasis, let HomLuv help you find it! Building new is a fresh start to a home that you will not only like, but love. When shopping for a home, it can be challenging to find the right fit for you, especially with often times limited amount of existing homes for sale in your community. In our area, the market is so hot that existing homes are flying off the market so fast that only the less desirable homes with less desirable features are available. This makes it hard to find your "perfect" home. This is where HomLuv comes in with inspiration that fit your exact style and preferences!

HomLuv is not just one-sided. It's building for him and for her. From man caves, to cook's kitchens, to craft rooms, couples can manage all of the amazing upgrades that builders offer, makes smart decisions, and stay on a budget. The site has a ton of great images that helps you choose your design style and home that is right for you. With their visual search, buyers can easily discover inspiring design options they love, pin them to boards, and share with a co-buyer. HomeLuv.com offers selections from 100,000 homes and plans across the country. Their technology tailors results that are specific to your design style and budget, with overlap between you and your co-buyers likes.

If you're looking to build a house and to have a gratifying experience during the process, jump on HomLuv for some incredible inspiration! It will make you feel empowered and confident as a home buyer, which makes the best home for your family fun and inspiring. I know I'll be using it when we go through the home building process in the future, so start designing your dream home on HomLuv now!

Sponsored by HomLuv