Retro Modern Fireplace Makeover

It's our first makeover reveal, guys! My husband just recently finished remodeling the fireplace and it turned out incredible! The only thing I'm still slightly undecided on is the color of the metal fireplace cover. I had this idea to paint it white instead of black to match the rest of the white, but I also didn't want it all just to blend in together and be a big white blob. My husband painted it white to try it out and really liked the look of it, but I was still gravitating towards black to add some contrast. After a week or so of looking at it though, I think I might want it to stay white after all. Since the fireplace isn't going to be the focal point of the living room, we don't want it to stand out too much anyway, so keeping it simple and clean is the look we are going for. I just hope I don't change my mind about it in the next few weeks!


Here is the BEFORE of the fireplace. Ah, the glory of the 90's bright gold border!


This is the fireplace IN-PROGRESS. I was looking for some white brick to put in instead of tile, but we could not find any! I was kind of bummed at first, but then we found some subway tile that doesn't have straight edges, which gives it a more "stone" look than regular subway tile. I think the tile also makes it look a little more modern than brick would have, and our house is definitely going towards the modern direction.


Here are the columns being finished and put on. I love the simple pattern of them.


This is the pretty little thing after Alex painted it white and installed the beam. Can you believe that stain is just coffee grounds? It looks amazing, and is the perfect color against the white.


And here she is! The finished product. I love how giant the beam is, especially with the window in the background, and my undying love for white is fulfilled with the rest of the fireplace.


Also, if you want some inspiration to build something like this, my husband did an entire tutorial on this exact fireplace on his blog! You can check it out at Let me know what you think about all of the white, and if you think black would add the right amount of contrast instead!